Pembrey Mountain Trust

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The Trust was initially formed in the support of the Friends of Court Farm and has focused on the Court Pembrey site after concern that no viable project based funding had been secured by the current owners and the buildings remained in a poor deteriorating state and ‘at risk’.

Court Pembrey, is one of Carmarthenshire’s few remaining ancient manor houses.

Distinctive architectural details define the Court, the largest surviving pre-Renaissance manor house in Carmarthenshire,  Court is named from the ‘court leet’ that would have been held there. A cultural landmark worthy of restoration. A once fine country house, home of gentry, influence and leadership, Court has been an integral part of the cultural, political, economical and social framework of Pembrey since early in the 14th century.

The Friends are committed to this building and its future, the role of the Friends is to ensure that Court is sensitively restored to its former glory.