Pembrey Mountain Trust

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About Pembrey Mountain Trust


Pembrey Mountain Trust was formed in 2013 to preserve for the benefit of the people of Pembrey, Carmarthenshire and of the Nation, the historical, architectural and building heritage that may exist in and around Pembrey, Carmarthenshire in buildings (including any structure or erection and any part of a building as so defined) of particular beauty or historical, architectural or constructional interest.

The Pembrey Mountain Trust is constituted is Charity (Charity number: 1155723) and a Company Limited by Guarantee (Number 8589326). It was constituted as a Building Preservation Trust in 2013 and is a member of the UK Association of Building Preservation Trusts. The Trust adopted a ‘model’ constitution provided by The Architectural Heritage Fund (AHF).

Pembrey Mountain Trust is a voluntary organisation and currently operates with eight trustees. It currently has no paid employees. Trustees manage the Trust and its activities and have been appointed to bring experience and skills to the project. They have engaged professional expertise as and when required. The Management Board meets monthly and working groups meet regularly when required.

The trustees have gained over eleven years of extensive expertise and experience in many areas survey and funding development in projects with in the areas. The expertise with in the trustees is extensive and includes a surveyor, graphic designer, architect, biologist, conservationist senior managers and historical industrialist.

The Trust was initially formed in the support of the Friends of Court Farm and has focused on the Court Farm site after concern that no viable project based funding had been secured by the current owners and the buildings remained in a poor deteriorating state and ‘at risk’. 

Other projects are now part of the brief for the Trust.