Main Proposal

It would be the Trust’s intention to apply for funding to restore the Dome to a functional status, utilising modern technology to reproduce the simulator programme and create a visitor centre that would tell the story of the Gunnery Dome and the important role that the Pembrey Peninsula played in the defence of the nation.

There are a number  of service building near the dome and one of these, once restored, would be a museum and interpretation centre that would hold information on the military history of the Pembrey Peninsula and its involvement in the development of ammunitions by Nobel and the MOD. It would also tell the story of the part played by the area during the second WW in relation to an imminent [Operation Sea Lion] invasion.

The remaining buildings would encompass a restaurant, shop, storage facilities and office accommodation. There would need to be collaboration with the neighboring RAF station and the Motor Sports Centre.

The combination of the dome and the ancillary buildings would form an experience for all to enjoy but the focus would be on education and showing the public at large the important role that the area played in the defense of the country